Franchise Owners Stories

  • "You meet so many people who are miserable at their jobs, they don’t like what they are doing they are not happy - being in the youth sports industry, it doesn’t feel like work. I work 2 days a week and make a great living and I don't ever feel like I'm at work."

    Grant S. Tampa, Florida
  • "I am very skeptical by nature, especially in business ventures. It is stunning to me how well the system works if you work the system."

    Jim S. North Carolina
  • "Through this business, it actually brought me closer to my family. Being able to work together has been an unforeseen blessing."

    Carlos C. Little Rock, AR
  • "Using the UTP system is incredibly easy, you don't need any background experience in photography, graphic design, or sports to get started. Also, you don't even need to know much about software editing. It is incredibly easy to use and very versatile. "

    Sean L. San Francisco, CA
  • "I like UTP because I love being my own boss. I get out of it exactly what I put in. "

    Megan T. North Carolina
  • "I don't wake up with that fear of losing my job. Of someone going out of business or not wanting me to be a part of their company anymore because I work for myself. That's the greatest freedom I've ever been given. "

    Julian and Amber Chicago, IL
  • "A benefit I didn't see coming was being able to manage my own time, and being able to make such a great living doing something I actually enjoy doing."

    James J. Huntsville, AL
  • "I believe that UTP has given me opportunities that there’s no way I would have had if I wasn’t working with this company. I would have probably stayed a waitress and now I’m a traveling photographer and I’m proud to say that."

    Emily and Sandy Oklahoma City, OK
  • "I've had several opportunities in my life, and never one as easy as this if your willing to put in the time and the energy."

    Jim and Megan North Carolina